Salutem are very pleased to announce that we will become the new provider of disability charity Scope’s established regulated and day services.

For years, Scope has run schools, colleges, residential and community services for disabled people across England and Wales. Scope has provided high-quality care, support and education to their customers, in a way that is very much in-line with our own philosophy and current portfolio of services.

The services will be transferring to us once the transfer of registration has been confirmed which is likely to be early next year.

We will continue to run all Scope services under our newly set up division called Ambito. This means that everyone currently accessing these services will receive the care, support and education they need, ensuring continuity and consistency.

Together with Scope’s existing service based staff and established senior leadership team we will work together to continue the high standards and ethos that Scope has created, and to deliver and enhance these services going forward.

The Scope services being transferred to Ambito include three education facilities, 38 care homes and 10 day services located across England and Wales. Andrew Shelton-Murray will be joining us as CEO of Ambito.

“I am delighted to be welcoming the staff and service users that will be joining us from Scope. They will become part of an excellent care organisation that will continue to strive to provide and benefit from the best in care provision.

The Scope services will be joining those we already operate under our Pathways, Modus Care and Clearwater brands. We pride ourselves on our performance and quality of care, performing well above sector average in regards to the regulatory ratings of our services.

By acquiring the Scope services we are enhancing our care pathways which will promote independence and choice for our customers, their families and our commissioners”.

John Godden CEO Salutem

For further information on Scope’s regulated and day services please visit

For any questions please contact or our enquiry number 01753 255888 which operates between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.