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Ashleigh House

“Staff very helpful. Could not have done this without them.”

“I enjoy staying at Ashleigh for respite. The staff supported me when I was undergoing radiotherapy, food is great. All the staff are lovely. The manager is very nice and supportive I love it here.”

Wallace Mews

“Dear G,
Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say how impressed we were as a company when we arrived to entertain your clients. We were greeted with the warmest welcome and help and support to carry in our props for the show which is always a good help to us!!! Your staff were a credit to your organisation and it is clear how much they love their work. Your clients were equally engaging. They made our show very enjoyable and joined in throughout the pantomime.
We would like to thank you for your hospitality and look forward to working with you in the future.
Many Thanks D”


“Dear Sirs, in respect to your questionnaire I can confirm that it is my view that the quality of care and the conditions under which that care is given to the residents at Hardriding could hardly be improved on. I am frequently in touch with staff, either by visit or by telephone, to monitor the wellbeing of my retaliation SL and am more than happy with his circumstances. Each visit brings me into touch with both management and staff and in both cases the welcome is impressive. The furnishings of the building are equally impressive together with the level of upkeep. I would be very surprised if Hardriding was not the jewel in your crown and cannot commend it highly.

Yours truly, DB”

Ashleigh House

“Always well looked after and made to feel welcome. Staff always friendly.”


“Dear J, M and I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the care and love you have shown L, whilst he was with you at Grizedale. It has been a great relief to us to know that he was no longer isolated but in good company. It has been rewarding experience for L, and we are sure that he enjoyed his time with you and will miss you.

Our best wishes to you all, M and E.”

New Ridley

“On the 5th August 2013 we went on holiday to Scotland. On our coach we met S, L. R, M and I just wanted to bring them to your attention what lovely people they were. S and L were fantastic in caring for M and R. Both men really enjoyed this holiday and were always happy and polite. It’s not very often you meet such great carers and I hope that if I ever need carers myself in the future that I get this standard of caring and attention that S and L provided for M and R throughout this holiday. It was a pleasure to spend a week with them.

Kind regards M and J.”


“This is a warm and inviting home with a very caring ethos and atmosphere. The staff are friendly, professional and know their residents very well.”

Ashleigh House

“I was diagnosed with B.P.D (Boderline personality disorder) and was admitted to Ashleigh House after my discharge from West Park as I could not cope at home and wasn’t safe. The manager at Ashleigh House was amazing as were the rest of the staff, they helped me on my road to recovery by being there to offer an ear, cuddle or support in anyway. They helped me feel independent and safe again. They deserve a medal.”


My cousin has improved out of all recognition since being in the care of Southleigh. From not speaking, she now puts a few sentences together, and she is now friendly towards people, whereas she used to be shy. The care home takes her for holidays, and also goes dancing regularly, something she really enjoys.”

The Highlands

“I have been very impressed by the staffs professionalism and willingness to accommodate the needs of my client. Individual tailored care plans are clear and detailed and fully meet client needs. Staff appear to be flexible and sensitive to the needs of the client group. My client (DW) is happy to have respite at The Highlands and his wife cannot speak more highly of the staff, highlighted the he is treated with dignity and respect. The Highlands appear to be providing quality care of the highest standard.”


“Dear All of You, I would like to thank you very much for the lovely flowers you gave me for my birthday, it was the most beautiful basket, they have kept so fresh for so long and look lovely! I would like to thank P, she is such a lovely carer and is so attentive to all my wants! I appreciate it very much.

Many thanks, P”


“This home is a fantastic home in every way. The manager is one in a million; the staff are excellent and dedicated to the needs of their residents. It is a very happy home and our daughter is very settled there, and it is by far the best residential home we have seen. All the residents’ needs are catered for as individuals. It really is a first class home and family and visitors are welcome anytime. We are extremely happy our daughter lives at Southleigh.”


“I am truly grateful for the opportunity you have given me. I have had some of the best training a carer can get and the things learned and experienced will be invaluable to my career. I will be leaving Fairhaven with a heavy heart but a lot of fond memories. I have made good friends within the company and will miss them dearly. (staff)

“I visited my friend at his new home, he was happy. He liked his new home, he had his own room, it had a nice garden, the staff were great.”

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